Dear Authors

For victims yours and ours

I came your across your book through an internet search. Having read the excerpts available on the website I knew that this book will bring answers to the many questions of our current world affairs.

The world is going through a very difficult time. In order to understand the current situation we have to know our history. Winners usually write their narrative of historic events.

It was fascinating and enlightening how you have managed to navigate through historic events of the past 2 millennia whilst offering a view point through many different lenses. This wide angle birds eye view allowed me to see how historic events were engineered and the invisible thread that was weaving through the centuries leaving a trail of death, suffering, betrayal and manipulation behind.

Like forensic experts you managed to uncover hidden links and alliances that determined the fate of billions of innocent people. You brought awareness and light to countless good people who were victimised and therefore passed on their traumas to ensuing generations becoming victims of the same forces.

During the reading process a lot of emotions and memories beyond explanation came to the surface and I had to work through them.

“The truth will set you free”; Gospel of John; verse 8:32; only by knowing our true history as mankind will we be able to liberate ourselves from the burdens of our past. Our ancestors pain is our pain. Your book guides the reader to that truth which ultimately can only be found inside and yet to know our history is enormously important to lift the veils of deception that have been placed in front of us.

I sincerely recommend to read “For victims yours and ours” – it is an investment of time to deeper understand the dynamics of history. The book is timeless and shall be passed on to as many people as possible – especially in today’s world of the internet and social media where so much false information is propagated without a deep historical analysis.

Blessings to you and your families.
JK, Austria

I am forever grateful for your dedication to this important historical overview.

Thank you,
Eliza J. W. Oregon USA


Thank you for your great book - For Victims Yours and Ours. I do have an e-book. I want to ask you if you have any plans to actually publish the book whether as a hardcover or paperback copy.

Thank you

When Natalie Graszewicz & Dominik Socha embarked on a mission to preserve knowledge of Anglo-Polish history and heritage in the UK, they uncovered a systematic, unlawful destruction of Anglo-Polish cultural and religious heritage in Fawley Court—one that embraced some 2,000 years of history during which London elites became powerful enough to rewrite the sagas of England's people and ethnic groups.

As British authorities breached English, European and international law in their pursuit of modifying the truth about the Anglo-Polish heritage, this resulted in the destruction of the heritage site that once had protection under international law.

Their investigation, campaign for justice, historical discoveries, and information about the economic and elitist rise of power and purpose in both the UK and the US contribute to a powerful scholarly examination that, at first glance, might seem to hold a narrowed scope primarily of interest to those of Polish heritage and UK residency.

But, soft: anyone interested in an interdisciplinary approach to major world issues surrounding historical representation, economic forces, and social activism needs to absorb the discoveries and their impact in For Victims Yours and Ours.

Its powerful testimony to the ongoing forces of repression, social and legal challenge, and historical representation that is changed to reflect the points of view of special interests and elite societies makes for thought-provoking reading relevant to all ethnic groups and social circles around the world.

More importantly, For Victims Yours and Ours offers a compelling look that draws in many facets, from science and technology to individuals and parties who have influence on the City of London, agreements between nations and peoples, the impact of terrorism on the world, and disturbing contrasts of differences between official reports and eyewitness experiences.

As it draws together an alternate history of influential forces on various peoples, this book expands to embrace the concerns of not just UK or Polish residents, but anyone interested in who really pulls the strings of influence behind the scenes: "Since its inception in 1913, U.S. FEDERAL RESERVE did not work for the benefit of the American people but a narrow group of corporate and banking Fraternity."

Poland's experience serves not just as a microcosm for understanding, but as a foundation for expanding knowledge of the hidden forces which have affected the currents and choices of nations, leaders, and groups.

This wide-ranging survey and history is highly recommended reading for college students who would consider the underlying origins of and influences upon historical precedent, decisions, and national experience.

Heavily footnoted, authoritatively referenced, and broad in its scope and information, For Victims Yours and Ours is no casual survey, but demands from its readers a scholarly, college-level educated awareness that is equally suitable for study, classroom debate, and social awareness development.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

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