The God Delusion


In the spring of 2010, the British people were preparing for the parliamentary elections. Both major competing parties, the Conservative Party and the Labour Party relied on the support of the financial sector of the City of London. The candidate of the Labour Party, Gordon Brown, had already proved his loyalty to the City when in 1990s he deregulated financial services in his capacity of Chancellor of Exchequer, and when his colleague, then Prime Minister Tony Blair, engaged Britain in a war in Iraq in 2003 which meant to secure the interests of the Anglo-American oil companies. Labour MP Tam Dalyell complained at the time, in public, that Tony Blair was unduly influenced by a “cabal of Jewish advisers”, which included Labour's major fundraiser and Tony Blair's Middle East envoy Lord Levy; European Commissioner for Trade Peter Mandelson, and Foreign Secretary Jack Straw.490 The corruption of the Labour Party reached its climax with the disclosure of the “cash for honours” scandals where Labour lenders - who put up a total of £4.5m – were put forward for peerages. In consequence, the Labour Party's major fundraiser, Lord Levy, was arrested by the Police in 2006, amidst national scandal.491 Therefore, after 13 years in power, the Labour Party was entirely compromised.

Gordon Brown's main rival, the leader of the Conservative Party David Cameron was also closely connected to the elites of the City of London. David's paternal great-great-grandfather was London head of the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), which made money on opium wars with China. He helped the Rothschilds sell war bonds during the Russo-Japanese war in 1905. David Cameron's grandfather Donald had married into the Jewish Levita family, one of whom – another of David Cameron's great-great-grandfathers – was Emile, a German-born Jewish financier who was director of the Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China, which later became Standard Chartered Bank.492 Cameron's father, Ian, was a stock broker and an expert in offshore investment funds. He established an investment group Blairmore Holdings, incorporated in Panama and run from the Bahamas, which helped him to escape his tax liability in Britain.493 David Cameron followed the footsteps of his ancestors. In 1985, during his gap year, he took up internship in Hong Kong offices of Jardine Matheson, a trading conglomerate which made fortune on selling opium to China in the nineteen century. The same year he went on a trip to Crimea where western leaders and chiefs of major banks and corporations traditionally met with the leaders of Soviet regime. Safely back from these adventures, David Cameron headed to Oxford, where he joined the Bullingdon Club, a secret club for the highly select group of man who were 'destined to rule'. As pointed out by one of its participant, ‘what it basically involved was getting drunk and standing on restaurant tables shouting about “FUCKING PLEBS.”494 The club's prominent members included Nathaniel Rothschild, George Osborne, Boris Johnson and Radosław Sikorski. All of them, except for Radosław Sikorski, were of Jewish descent. George Osborne (born Gideon Oliver Osborne) was son of a successful British retailer Peter Osborne who co-founded the firm of fabric and wallpaper designers Osborne & Little. George's maternal grandmother Clarisse Loxton-Peacock was a Jew, who came to Britain from Hungary before the war.495 George Osborne and Nathaniel Rothschild (son of Jacob Rothschild), were childhood friends. The pair sat side-by-side in class at Colet Court preparatory school and were separated at 13 when Osborne graduated to St Paul’s, one of main schools in the City of London, adopting name George, whilst Nathaniel Rothschild was sent to prestige boarding school Eton in the footsteps of his father, Jacob Rothschild. After graduating from Oxford in the 1990s, both David Cameron and George Osborne worked for the Conservative Research Department, which one of his colleagues described as ‘a coterie of homosexuals.’496 Given that British corporate business and mainstream media are entwined, in 1994 Cameron joined media corporation Carlton Communication to learn about media manipulation, public relations and propaganda. He then became member of parliament in 2001, serving in the opposition shadow cabinet under Conservative leader Michael Howard.

The third candidate in the 2010 parliamentary elections in Britain, Nick Clegg, was a leader of Liberal Democrats. Liberal Democrats were the most progressive and transparent party in Britain. It was formed in 1988 by a merger between Liberal Party and a group of rebel Labour MPs that formed Social Democratic Party. It was led at the time by Lord Ashdown, former MI6 agent. The Party advocated for civil liberties, more open government and electoral reform that would ensure proportionate representation of all parties. Under Ashdown's, successors, Charles Kennedy and Menzies Campbell, the Liberal Democrats opposed the war in Iraq. In 2007, the party voted for a new leader, Nick Clegg, a graduate of prestigious Westminster School and man of broad culture. Nick Clegg had an interesting family background which had an impact on the formation of his liberal outlook on life. Clegg's grandmother Kira Engelhardt was a Russian baroness, whilst her mother, Alexandra Moullen, was the daughter of Ignaty Zakrevsky, a former attorney general in the imperial Russian senate, who lived on a large estate in modern-day Ukraine, not far from Kiev. According to local historians “he was a man of liberal views and European education. He was also a leading Mason.”497 Even more interestingly, Kira Engelhardt was a niece of Moura Budberg, a mistress of many famous people who were close to the Soviet regime in Russia, including British secret agent Robert Bruce Lockhart, English writer and member of Fabian Society Herbert George Wells, and Russian writer Maxim Gorky.498 After the Second World War she hosted dinner parties which were attended by Soviet spy Guy Burgess, close friend of Victor Rothschild. To Nick Clegg this was of course a very distant past, yet it showed the constantly re-occurring affiliations of the British politicians and the elites of the City of London.

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