Re-shaping New World Order


The gold and treasure looted by the Nazi-German and Japanese war criminals, which had been seized by the elites of the City of London and Washington D.C. would subsequently be used to build and maintain the new world order with the leading role of the United States. This secret plan was outlined on the so called “Gomberg Map” that was produced in Philadelphia, in Pennsylvania, and prepared before the Japanese attacked American naval base Pear Harbour, in Hawaii.335 The description on the map said:“the Outline of Post-War New World Map as the U.S.A. with the cooperation of the Democracies of Latin-America, the British Commonwealth of Nations, and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics assumes world leadership for the establishment of the New World Moral Order for permanent peace, freedom, justice, security and world reconstruction”. The map showed a proposed political division of the world after the Second World War, with three emergent superpowers (USA, USSR, and British Commonwealth). The Gomberg map showed respective spheres of interests of the three superpowers and outlined Gomberg's proposed policies. The main duties of the USA and its allies were to crush the Axis powers and free the world of colonial oppression and dictatorship. The USA would extend its protectorate over Mexico, Canada, Greenland, Iceland and the entire Pacific Ocean. The allied USSR would have a great deal of control over Europe, including central and European countries like Poland but except for Greece, Macedonia and Albania. Germany, Austria, Italy and Japan “shall be hermetically and indefinately quarantined”. Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, Swizerland, France, Spain, Portugal, the island of Corsica, and eventually Italy, and the Islands of Sardinia and Sicily “shall be unified as a demilitarized, federated United States of Europe”. As for “the areas known as China, Inner Mongolia, Tibet, Thailand, Malaya, Indo-China and Korea shall be unified as a demilitarized federated “United Republic of China”. Continents, such as Africa and South America were to become united. Finally, the Gomberg map provided for the establishment of an independent state of Israel, which was referred to on the map as the Republic of Hebrewland. Whilst the Atlantic Charter forbid any territorial changes, the order which Gomberg translated into the map showed whole countries liquidated under rule of the three superpowers. In 1943, President Roosevelt, in a secret letter to a private emissary of the National Council of Young Israel, admitted his plans to share the permanent world government with the Soviet Union, in accordance with the Gomberg's map and in breach of the Atlantic Charter:-

Dated Feb. 20, 1943,

From President Roosevelt, to a Mr. Zabrousky,
president of the National Council of Young Israel and a personal friend
of Mr. Roosevelt

My Dear Mr. Zabrousky:

As I have already said personally to you and to Mr. Weiss, I am profoundly moved by the fact that the National Council of Young Israel has had the extreme kindness to offer itself in the role of intermediary between me and our mutual friend Stalin . . . And you can assure Stalin, my dear Mr. Zabrousky, that the U.S.S.R. will function in the directorate of these councils (Europe and Asia) on the same footing and equality and with an equal voice as the United States and England, and that it will be a member of the high court that will have to be created to solve the differences existing among the various nations; that she (Russia) will participate likewise in the selection and preparation of international forces, in the arming and command of these forces, which, under orders of the continental council, will act within each State to the end that the rules so elaborately worked out for the maintenance of peace in the spirit of the former League of Nations, will not again be violated. These entities between States and their armies will be able to impose their decisions and enforce obedience. Under these conditions, this situation, so elevated in the direction of the tetrarchy of the universe, must satisfy Stalin and cause him not to renew demands, which create insoluble problems . . . IN ADDITION , THERE WILL BE GIVEN TO RUSSIA A PORT ON THE MEDITERRANEAN. WE ACCEDE TO ITS DESIRES WITH RESPECT TO FINLAND AND THE BALTIC IN GENERAL; WE WILL DEMAND FROM POLAND A REASONABLE ATTITUDE OF COMPREHENSION AND COMPROMISE. THERE REMAINS FOR STALIN A VAST FIELD OF EXPANSION IN THE LITTLE COUNTRIES OF EASTERN EUROPE.. . . . AS FOR ASIA, WE ARE IN ACCORD WITH HIS (Stalin's) DEMANDS . . . (Our emphasis—TCIS.) I have read with the greatest of pleasure, as I have already said, the generous terms of the message which has informed me of your decision to offer me, in the name of the national council, a copy of that which is the greatest treasure of Israel a scroll of the Torah. This letter evidences my acceptance. To your loyalty, I respond with the greatest confidence. I wish you the greatest success.

Very sincerely yours,

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