Back in 2010, we were leading an ‘ordinary life’.

We had a nine-to-five job, in the centre of London, we had a holiday once a year and generally believed that we lived in prosperous times, where totalitarian regimes are a distant past...In words of American political scientist, Francis Fukuyama, we believed that humanity has reached "not just... the passing of a particular period of post-war history, but the end of history as such: That is, the end-point of mankind's ideological evolution and the universalization of Western liberal democracy as the final form of human government…”

Then, in April 2010, one of us had a dream.

“I remember this dream like no other, because it was exceptionally realistic and nightmarish. In my dream, I appeared as a disembodied witness to what happened, but my perception registered everything around with extraordinary intensity. I was in the cockpit of a large plane, standing next to the Captain on his side. Outside the windows there was an ominous and gloomy aura...

We flew very low, just above the tops of the trees, emerging from the dense fog.
As we flew over the deep gorge, suddenly something jerked the plane and one of the engines lost power and the plane began to fall, heading straight for the slope of the gorge.

The catastrophe seemed imminent, but to my amazement the entire crew kept a cool head and showed no panic. I felt their integrity and mastery.

Captain gave the command: "Prepare for emergency landing!!!"

In response, the crew kept repeating in their thoughts: “We can do it. We can do it …" Then the Captain shouted: "Give me a second ... give me a second engine !!!" and with a sudden movement he pulled the steering lever completely.

Immediately the plane tilted almost vertically upwards and with a sudden acceleration began to rise quickly, avoiding a last-second collision with the ground, flying parallel to the slope of the gorge. The force of the overload was so great that I felt it crushed my stomach and throat. Broken tree branches crackled. When the plane straightened out the flight I felt relief ... and suddenly ... I saw a powerful and dazzling flash …

Moments after that, it seemed to me that I found myself in a completely different place.

In a large space, I could see a lot of scattered, various sizes of unidentified metal remains and debris. Some of them were on fire. This scene emanated an atmosphere of hellish horror. Looking around, I saw in the distance what looked like a bus after an accident but with the roof torn off. I thought then that I was at the scene of some tragic event. As I got closer to this wreckage, I saw many passenger bodies scattered around. Inside, however, was full of broken and bent armchairs, along with people pressed into them. It all looked like a monstrous massacre. Even so, I did find some horribly mutilated passengers still alive. Unfortunately, I couldn't help them for I was only there in spirit. I felt powerless …

Then, from a distance, I heard a group of people approaching. I figured that it was an impending aid. They were dressed in black uniforms and berets. Walking among the burning debris, they looked for survivors. I was shocked when I heard single shots of a pistol and the accompanying laughter! It was a firing squad. Some of them used knives. They acted as if they were trying to outdo each other in the cruelty inflicted on them. While standing next to one of the survivors, I saw one of the torturers, with a mocking smile, slowly cut her throat, saying, "There is nothing you can do, you are pitiful and helpless, no one will hear you and no one will know."

His blood-red eye pupils, dilated by ecstasy, reflected the endless suffering and humiliation of his victim...

Screaming “Oh my God, they will kill them all!”. I woke up in cold sweat, shaking with fear...”

The following day, on the 10th of April 2010, it was announced on TV that a military plane with Polish President Lech Kaczyński, his wife and 96 Polish statesmen on board had crashed near Smoleńsk, in Russia. The presidential delegation was on its way to pay homage to the victims of the Katyń massacre in Russia, which took place in April 1940, on the initiative of Lavrenti Beria, chief of Soviet secret police. On board were most prominent statesmen including: cabinet ministers, MPs, senators, top generals and commanders of land, air, navy and Special Forces, representatives of the clergy; representatives of various veteran organisations, the Katyń Families and representatives of Solidarity movement; and such public figures as President of National Bank of Poland, President of the Institute of National Remembrance (IPN) and former Special Services Coordinator. They were all Polish patriots and most of them were affiliates of the conservative Law and Justice Party, who were in opposition to the ruling Civic Platform, presided over by pro-German politician, Donald Tusk.

Later that afternoon, speaker of Parliament and one of the leaders of Civic Platform, Bronisław Komorowski, announced in public that he was taking over the office of late President Lech Kaczyński, before even his body was found on the site of the crash.

Immediately after the crash, the Russians began to destroy all evidence smashing windows in the fuselage, cutting and crushing large sections of the airplane and bulldozing the crash site without securing adequate documentation regarding the position of the debris and without marking the fragments for future reconstruction. Russian media and Russian officials, without awaiting results of formal investigation, immediately blamed the Polish pilots’ error for the crash. These unsubstantiated allegations were subsequently repeated by the Polish, German, American and the British media, especially BBC.

Three days after the tragic plane crash in Smoleńsk, Polish Prime Minister and leader of Civic Platform, Donald Tusk, passed the investigation to the Russians and followed all the instructions that came from the Russian officials.

Seeing the scale of political manipulation and disinformation spread by the mainstream media, we strarted to conduct our own investigation into Smoleńsk plane crash by studying witness statements and information provided by the independent investigative journalists. Soon, we realized we belonged to a small group of people who did not subscribe to the mainstream propaganda and who were desperate to find out who was responsible for what appeared to be a political assassination...


During one of the London meetings of the Anglo-Polish community regarding the Smoleńsk plane crash, we were told that concurrently with the death of President Lech Kaczyński and his delegation in Smoleńsk, there was an ongoing asset-stripping process. The properties that were purchased and maintained by the Polish veterans after the Second World War were being sold out by people with communist background, with the tacit approval of the Polish embassy. Among them was a very unique country house known as Fawley Court.

Fawley Court, situated near Henley-on-Thames, about 40 miles west from the City of London, is one of the few country houses in England that was designed by Christopher Wren, chief architect of St Paul's Cathedral and many other buildings in the City of London. Fawley Court is a Grade I-listed building and was home to many historic figures including one of the most prominent plantation owners and slave traders, William Freeman.

During the Second World War, Fawley Court served as a training camp for wireless operators and Special Operations Executives (SOE), including the Polish elite formation “Silent and Unseen.” After the Second World War, Polish war veterans donated funds to purchase Fawley Court which was entrusted to a Catholic Congregation of Marian Fathers. Over the next decades, it served as cultural centre, comprising a school, a museum, and a library.

Although the Polish authorities deposited tonnes of Polish gold in the Bank of England prior to and during the Second World, the British banking elites did not release any of it to assist the impoverished Polish community in their transition to a civilian life in Britain. Fawley Court was one of few place where they could celebrate their religion and culture.

In 2005, in anticipation of the asset-stripping process, and acting upon mercenary motives, the Marian Fathers, who operated in collaboration with the Vatican authorities, desacralized the Church of St Anne, which was founded in Fawley Court by Prince Stanisław Radziwiłł, and removed museum artefact without the consent of the donors and beneficiaries. Then, they put the property on the market.

Many distressed members of the Anglo-Polish community could not understand why the UK Charity Commission, a quasi-governmental body which regulates the work of around 160,000 registered charities in England and Wales, were supporting the Marian Fathers Charitable Trust, although they were selling the property in breach of beneficiaries’ trust.

The truth about the conspiracy was gradually unveiled whilst we started to voluntarily engage in various court proceedings. The conspiracy involved the new powerful owners, the British authorities and the Vatican, who had either mercenary or political motives to liquidate a powerful Catholic educational centre in Britain. This conspiracy, which to many may seem of little importance at a first glance, had led us to discover the power structure that rules the City of London and consequently emanates across the entire world, shaping its political and financial order, influencing our daily lives, on many different levels.

To begin with, during the court case between the middleman in the purchase, Mr Butler-Creagh and the apparent purchaser, Ms Aida Dellal Hersham, it was revealed that Fawley Court was purchased by an offshore trust based in Jersey. The convoluted nature of the trust meant that we were not able to find out, even after hiring a private detective, who owned that trust or who its beneficiaries were. Furthermore, it was revealed, that property was sold at an undervalue price of 16,5 million, whereas £3.5 million had been retained pending the exhumation of the remains of the founder of the Divine Mercy College in Fawley Court, Father Józef Jarzębowski and the founder of the Church of St Anne, Prince Stanisław Radziwiłł. In other words, the new owners promised £3,5 million to the Marian Fathers to make them remove the graves of Polish patriots and thus ensure that the property is void of any Polish feature.

We as well as other members of the Anglo-Polish community who were outraged with the actions of the Marian Fathers, raised numerous legal, ethical and moral objections against the exhumation of a Polish noblemen, pointing out that last wishes of the dead had protection under international law and that exhumations would result in the destruction of a cultural and religious heritage site. Yet, the British authorities: the UK Charity Commission, the UK Ministry of Justice and the UK Court of Appeal backed the Marian Fathers and prominent buyers of Fawley Court.

Unable to digest such stark injustice, we began to investigate the officials that were appointed to these public offices and to our astonishment we found out that the main justice of the UK Court of Appeal, who ruled against the Anglo-Polish community, and few months later became president of the UK Supreme Court, Lord Neuberger, was a former merchant banker at N.M. Rothschild & Sons.

At this point we started to look into the Rothschild Family and steadily realized that all major British politicians and institutions, as our case had shown, had some association either with the Rothschilds or their associates, that is other financial institutions, banks or corporations that rule the City of London Corporation. Thus, we realized, that so far we lived in an illusion that Britain was a democratic state where politicians act in the interest of the public and that they are recruited in fair procedures and chosen upon their merits. That was not the case.

On December 14, 2012, when all other members of the Anglo-Polish community laid arms, we filed an application as Polonia Restituta association at the UK Supreme Court to set the judgment aside on the basis of procedural deficiencies, discrimination on grounds of religion and culture and anti-Catholic bias on part of the British judges. By quoting various representatives of legal professions, we also raised concerns over lack of transparent judicial appointment process in Britain.

Three days later, an unusual event took place in the heart of London. On Monday, December 17, 2012, without previous arrangements, Queen Elizabeth II paid a visit to 10 Downing Street, to attend the cabinet meeting. This was the first time a British monarch came to attend the cabinet meeting since 1781 when king George III visited the cabinet during the American War of Independence. Ministers lined up to greet the monarch and shook their hands with the Queen. The Queen had stopped only once, by Chancellor of Exchequer, George Osborne, a close friend of Nathaniel Rothschild. The Queen questioned him about the remaining gold reserves. In a reference to her previous visit to the Bank of England, she remarked "I saw all the gold bars, which regrettably somebody said don't belong to us." Mr Osborne replied with a slight smirk: “some of them were sold but we still have some left...” The Queen then followed her ministers to the cabinet room and sat between British Prime Minister David Cameron and William Hague, the Foreign Secretary. She looked as if she was embarrassed with her cabinet ministers...

In the next few months, we engaged in an unprecedented correspondence with the UK Supreme Court laying out all legal arguments and proving their decision was biased and unlawful.

On August 6, 2013, Father Jarzębowski's nearest blood relative, Elżbieta Rudewicz, filed her own complaint quoting, inter alia, art. 4 of the 1972 UN Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage, which places a special duty on the contracting states of: - “ensuring the identification, protection, conservation, preservation and transmission to future generations of the cultural and natural heritage.” Among many international treaties regarding protection of graves, she mentioned Vermillion Accord on Human Remains (1989), which was approved at the World Archaeological Congress, under the patronage of Prince Charles, heir apparent to the British throne, and which requires respect for the mortal remains “irrespective of race, religion, nationality, custom and tradition” and “respect for the wishes of the local community”. She also quoted the “letter urging expedition” sent by the Marian Fathers' solicitors on May 23, 2012 to the UK Supreme Court, which proved unequivocally their mercenary motives.

To support the complaint of Ms Rudewicz we launched the petition: https://www.change.org/p/uk-ministry-of-justice-stop-unlawful-exhumations-and-destruction-of-cultural-heritage

and also organized a conference in the House of Lords, inviting media to attend. When not a single media outlet expressed interest, it dawned upon us that mainstream media are in the hands of exactly the same powerful forces which we intended to disclose.

In November 2013, the UK Supreme Court responded finally to our complaint accepting some procedural mistakes in the decision-making process regarding the exhumation of Father Józef Jarzębowski, but refusing to set previous judgments aside. Subsequent complaints made to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg had also been rejected by ‘a single-judge formation (P. Hirvelä assisted by a rapporteur.)’, despite evident human rights violations.

All the legal documents and letters from authorities regarding unlawful disposal of Fawley Court and destruction of the Anglo-Polish cultural and heritage site are available here: https://forvictims.co.uk/o-nas/documents.php

In March 2014, we wrote to the new Pope Francis I asking to freeze the £4 million that went to the Vatican Bank after the sale of Fawley Court. Here is the link to our letter: https://marszpolonia.com/2014/03/31/list-do-papieza-w-sprawie-sprzedazy-fawley-court/

The reply with a reference number 6056/14, came back in April 2014 and was signed by Archbishop Antonio Mennini, son of Luigi Mennini who had been the Vatican Bank's long-serving chief administrator. The letter said “I am pleased to assure you that the letter for the Holy Father will be transmitted via the next diplomatic pouch.” Regrettably, months and years had passed and there was no response from the Pope or the Vatican authorities.

Once we realized the scale of bias against the Anglo-Polish community and its heritage, we started to search for the origin of this secret force that had prosecuted Christians in Europe for centuries, even overtaking the Vatican state. This made us to embark on a long historical odyssey which led us to discover little known albeit fascinating facts regarding history of Fawley Court, its connection to the City of London and its impact on world events.

Most importantly, we realized that all major events that shaped the lives of millions of people around the world, in many cases with a tragic outcome, were direct consequence of the decisions that were made by the elites in the City of London and City’s American branch, Washington D.C. Most importantly, two World Wars and the Communist Revolution that claimed lives of millions of people, were of their making.

Between 2013 and 2020, we conducted a thorough research in the British National Archives and the British Library, and we were perusing unaccounted number of books, press articles, reports and other relevant sources, in order to uncover the historical truth and find evidence to prove what many call mockingly “conspiracy theories”.

Abandoned, without any support and understanding from the members of our community, we led a lonely and exhausting journey to reach the SOURCE OF THIS ORGANIZED EVIL POWER that has enslaved mankind for generations.

This journey cost us a lot of life energy and personal sacrifice.

Eventually, we found the key that helped us to unlock the history, namely who navigated the historical events and who was behind the mysterious deaths of many prominent men in history, as well as suffering of nations in the last few centuries.

In the course of our journey, we often had dreams in which the victims reminded us of themselves, pointing to certain facts that are important to understand the history. Considering that we often did not have the resources to live on, it's a miracle that this book was written at all, and that we also found the resources to launch a sales platform.

The fruit of our campaign and many years of hard work and total personal dedication is our unique book "For Victims Yours and Ours”. This book is a reservoir of knowledge about the hidden forces that have ruled the world for so many generations. At the same time, this book became a monument to the victims and martyrs, who laid their lives on the altar of our freedom. We deeply believe that by revealing the hitherto unknown truth about their martyrdom and their torturers, these souls will find peace, and we, through our awareness and bringing forth an honest account of the past, will protect ourselves and our children from similar humanitarian catastrophes in the future.

The worst disease of the so called democracy is the uninformed and conformist society that does not want to or cannot exercise its rights and duties, and the corrupt elites that are never held accountable for their harmful social activities. Thus, one of the first task of a responsible citizen is to help raise public consciousness and help to bring the guilty of crimes to account.

If you are interested in learning the historical truth and the origin of the current world order, believing that it is important in the development of individual and collective consciousness, and you would also like to help us to maintain this project, we encourage you to buy our e-Book in our online store. If the e-book sales increase, this will enable us to further expand and popularize this hidden knowledge among wider audience…

Natalie Graszewicz & Dominik Socha
The authors of the book “For Victims Yours and Ours



Necessitas in loco, spes in Deo, salus in victoria.