Our book For Victims Yours and Ours is a ground-breaking story about the financial elites of the City of London and Washington D.C.; how they influenced world events and how they financed wars and revolutions across the centuries. In the last 7 years we have been investigating the circumstances surrounding the unlawful destruction of the Anglo-Polish cultural and religious heritage in Fawley Court in England, which had been overtaken by an offshore company with support of the Vatican and the British authorities, in particular the UK Charity Commission, the UK Ministry of Justice and the UK Supreme Court. All of the decisions made by the British authorities with regards to the Anglo-Polish heritage were made in breach of the English, European and international law and resulted in the destruction of the heritage site that had protection under international law.

Our campaign to save the Anglo-Polish heritage lasted many years and when all our appeals had been rejected by the British authorities we delved deeply into the rabbit hole and re-visited the last 2000 years of history in order to fully understand the process by which the elites of the City of London became so powerful. The result is our book "FOR VICTIMS YOURS AND OURS", which contains unique analysis of the growth of the power and wealth of the City of London elites, their expropriation of land and resources across the globe, as well as destruction of nations and communities, starting with Catholic states such as Ireland, Spain, France and Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. The book exposes how the City of London elites balanced the powers on the European Continent and the world, how they helped to build and destroy numerous Empires and how they financed (in co-operation with their affiliated partners in Washington D.C.), various regimes including Nazi-Germany and Soviet Russia. Furthermore, the book unveils how they built nuclear weapons (and were responsible for their proliferation) and how they financed (and continue to finance) wars and terrorist organizations around the world.

It took Poland and other states many years to recover their independence and rebuilt their economy, yet the damaging effects of the former regimes financed by the City of London elites still permeate our societies. We strongly believe that there will be no peace in the world until the people finally understand these historical processes and the true role of the elites of the City of London and Washington D.C. in shaping world's events.

We hope that you will take an interest in our book and join an open discussion on the accountability of corporate crime.

Natalie Graszewicz & Dominik Socha
The authors of the book For Victims Yours and Ours

For Victims Yours and Ours


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